Ideal Financial Consultancy offers business and financial support services. Our main services are explained as under:

Business Start-up Advice

We help people starting new business or forming a new company. We assist them in business planning; prepare projected financial statements, and contingent planning. We have good experience of banking industry & can help new entrepreneurs in opening business bank account and getting credit/finance facility from the bank.

Accountancy and Book Keeping Services

Under this service we maintain books of accounts of our clients which are mostly small businesses. We process payroll for employees as well. Key tasks we perform are:

Digital Marketing

As part of business support services, Ideal Financial also provides digital marketing services to its clients by making better online presence, and marketing through mobile and online resources. We provide following services under this segment:

Quality Assurance

Under this service we carry out several checks to make sure quality is maintained by a financial institution while serving its clients. Important checks are:

Under this service, we check that customs served by an organization are as per price specification that they have been told or publicized.

We also carry out debit or credit card investigations in case there is any query by a customer. We need to make sure customer complaint or query has been evaluated and solved properly and all compliance is met as far as documentation is concerned.

We also record customer's feedback regarding service they are getting from any bank or financial institution. How much are they satisfied with the service? What the areas where an institute in lacking.

We train employees of a financial institutions that how to perform a particular task in service delivery. We provide training for quality assurance and it includes training for price promise, card investigations, & client administration and management.

Sometimes HMRC directs financial institutions to provide them information regarding some particular account holders or some specific data. We can provide such services as a third party on such projects.