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Welcome to Ideal Financial Consultancy

We help small and medium size businesses in streamlining their financial reporting and projections so they can present their case effectively to their prospects, clients or investors. We do so with accurate record keeping, automating standard procedures and performing routine quality assurance tests. We can also guide businesses how and where to get their internal audit done to secure industry standard quality awards like ISO, Six Sigma etc.

Apart from financial services, we provide support and guidance to improve the health of the business by doing:

  • Complete analysis of the corporate goals and current practices of your business operations.
  • Observation of solutions offered by competition in the landscape and comparison of strength vs weaknesses
  • Preparation of a step-by-step system to improve the offering of your business with better positioning, features, pricing, go-to-market strategy, sales, delivery, support or a combination of some of these factors.
  • Applying different techniques like SEO, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Social Media management etc. and measuring ROI against different KPIs of business and identifying what works and what doesn't.
  • Achieving growth by increasing their outreach, and consequently sales, or reducing costs in current practices. Either way, adding value to the businesses of our valued clients.
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Our Services

Business Digitalization

Digital transformation is not well understood, and a number of myths are obscuring the path to realizing its potential for value creation. We demystify some of the most common myths about digitalization by revealing, for example, the true extent of disruption possible by digital transformation for startups and small businesses alike.

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Digital Marketing

We don't believe in "one-size-fits-all" approach towards digital marketing. Instead, we understand your business and customers so we can recommend a strategy tailored for your specific needs. When you invest in Ideal Financial Consultancy's digital marketing solutions, you’ll have a very systematic guidance to not only capture the attention of your valued customers but also serve them the best where they are, like at different platforms including Social Media, Web, Mobile etc.

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Every business and not-for-profit entity needs a reliable bookkeeping system to ensure strong financial reporting based on established principles of accounting. Since accounting is a much broader term and bookkeeping, referring mainly to the record-keeping aspects of accounting, is a small aspect of it. It’s essentially the bookkeeping that's often ignored by businesses and we ensure they avoid falling victime to this practice. So they've all the data managed and readily available when it's needed; be it tax season or financial projects for next fudning rounds of our valued customers.

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We aim to provide real value for money.

Our initial introductory meeting can be held in a location that is most convenient to you. During this meeting we will assess the accountancy services required, discuss and answer your questions.

If you prefer to spread the cost of your accountancy fees we offer a monthly payment plan which can help with the cash flow of your business.